Some Thoughts On “Ban Bossy”

Watching this video really makes me feel sheltered. I almost never hear women called bossy. And I’ve never heard it used as a sexist/derogatory adjective for an ambitious woman.

There is no shortage of exposure to feminism in the libertarian movement. I have to admit that I often struggle to relate. Most of the time I just chalk it up to being a man. I think, “maybe being a man has insulated me from these issues”. So I usually don’t say anything and accept that the women are probably in a better position judge this stuff than me.

But things like “ban bossy” really make me think that I’m not crazy, and that some people just have an uber feminist world view that is far detached from reality. I mean, I understand the complaint. Ambitious women get called bossy and it discourages them from taking leadership positions, etc.

That would be something worth campaigning to stop, but that narrative just seems totally divorced from reality to me. Usually someone (man or woman) gets called bossy when they treat the people around them like crap, not because of rampant sexism. In the fight to get ahead in the corporate world both men and women all too often trample on people around them and neglect the human side of employment. If someone has a low opinion of you for behaving that way, it doesn’t make them sexist. Most likely you really are a jerk. Being ambitious or being a good leader does not imply you have to treat others like crap. If you think it does, I can guarantee that you would make a terrible leader.

And I think it’s worth noting that the same behavior that gets a woman called bossy would likely get a man called much worse. @sshole, d*ck, dbag, etc. I’ve seen it in my workplace. Men usually show reservation when criticizing female bosses that they don’t show to their male counterparts.

Again maybe I’m just sheltered, but this seems more like feminism run amok to me than a serious social critique.

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