Liberty Forum Recap

I got to spend the last few days with a bunch of great liberty loving anarchists at the 2014 NH Liberty Forum. There’s a lot I could write about, but here I’ll just provide a quick rundown of the highlights.

  1. There seems to be a concerted effort on the part of the liberty community to reach out to non-libertarian, yet libertarian leaning individuals, give them a warm welcome and try to draw them in. I have to say, I LOVE that strategy. Not only does it give us the potential to convert influential people to libertarianism, but short of that it builds strong alliances and good will. It’s much better than just speaking to the echo chamber. The keynote speakers were Naomi Wolf on Friday night and on Saturday night a panel including whistleblower Thomas Drake, attorney Jesselyn Radack, and Trevor Timm of the Freedom of the Press Foundation moderated by Devon Chaffee of the NH ACLU.
  2. I got to speak to Naomi Wolf about Bitcoin! She seemed fascinated with the idea and asked me a bunch of questions. I was gonna try to get her to set up a wallet and send her some bitcoins but I didn’t have the opportunity to speak with her again after that. Although Alyson from Blockchain also had a conversation with her about it. I’ll probably send her a follow up email.
  3. I met Ladar Levison from Lavabit ― the email provider that shut down rather than let the NSA spy on them. He provided us with an update on the Dark Mail protocol he’s working on with Silent Circle. I wrote more about this over at Bitcoin Not Bombs.
  4. The FSP community in Manchester has built a couple makeshift night clubs. Not the most impressive party spots but pretty cool nonetheless. They sort of have a speakeasy feel. Very nondescript exterior, you’d never know there’s an anarchist hangout on the inside. And paying for drinks with Bitcoin really added to the underground feel.
  5. I got to meet Kash Hill from Forbes. She’s the writer who lived entirely on Bitcoin for a week last year. She told me she’s going to do it again at the one year anniversary. Should be pretty cool to compare it to last year and see how adoption in San Francisco has progressed.

Overall the conference probably exceeded my expectations. I’m glad my snowboarding plans fell through so I had an opportunity to go. I definitely plan to return next year.

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