1. New research suggesting entanglement likely arrives from wormholes.
  2. Article from last February breaking down all the problems with Keynesian models. Keynesian cross, IS-LM, AS-AD.
  3. Never been an iPhone user and probably never will be. And you shouldn’t be either now that we’ve learned that the NSA has total backdoor access to the iPhone.
  4. Always wanted to learned to tie different necktie knots. Apparently there’s a YouTube channel for that.
  5. Bryan Caplan, straight talk on economic illiteracy.
  6. Speaking of which, this is a fantastic article from Ezra Klein (it’s a rare occasion when you get to say that) discussing the psychology of politics and how people typically judge policies based on partisanship and little else. Unfortunately, while Ezra clearly understands the problem, he ignores it in all his other writings where he calls for more resources to be channeled through the political process. Go figure.
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