Techno-illiterates are lining up these days in a bid to make the biggest fools out of themselves re Bitcoin. This is a bullish sign. Not seen since the dawn of the web? Of social media? There are permanent records of the same snide tones and contentless arguments regarding each of these previous waves of innovation. The Internet remembers. An especially pitiful WSJ piece today claims that Bitcoins are “Little more than some made-up digits on a computer server,” literally a more accurate description of the article itself than of Bitcoin, since Bitcoin specifically does not use a server architecture and the author is free to make up whatever digits he likes, none of which will net him the slightest fraction of Bitcoin. Lacking any technical understanding whatsoever, such persons are now desperate to preserve their tiny worldviews with name-calling, misrepresentation, and a heroic willingness to simply make things up instead of conducting the slightest bit of research. In other words, they have no arguments at all.― Konrad Graf

Techno-illiterates On Bitcoin

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