1. Check out this awesome paper by Konrad Graf on Bitcoin and monetary theory. It’s the best you’ll read.
  2. This was a very classy blog post by Matt Zwolinski. Seven Cheers for Murray Rothbard.
  3. Here’s a video of a speech Balaji Srinivasan preaching secession in Silicon Valley to much applause. Mentions Bitcoin as a way out.
  4. Another great article by Matt Zwolinksi. This time making the moral case for free markets and doing so in a way that nearly every libertarian can applaud.
  5. Former Fed official admits he was totally wrong about quantitative easing. Only benefits Wall St.
  6. Tyler Cowen makes the case against a guaranteed income.
  7. Fantastic research paper: Hayekian Anarchism by Edward Stringham and Todd Zywicki.
The Marketplace of Ideas

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