People worship the Federal Reserve governor the way ancient people worshipped a totem. Their “views” and their “theories” have nothing to do with it. That they have power is all Wall Street needs to know. It is a mystical power — the power to legally create illusory wealth. They are witch doctors. They are voodoo priests. They are fake gods. No matter how incompetent, how stupid, how inept, how ignorant they are, they are made to ascend to the clouds like some ancient omnipotent being to which all the people in power are asked to bow down and to whom all the dependents in the financial caste are willing to pay tribute. They are automatically brilliant, automatically omniscient, automatically beloved, automatically deferred to. The very existence of the Fed governor and the ethos surrounding him or her is the best proof in our time that we have evolved no further than our ancestors who prayed to rocks and driftwood and danced for rain. — Jeffrey Tucker

Federal Reserve Worship

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