Welcome Spooks!

Yesterday a left-wing redditor ventured into r/libertarian and stumbled upon my post, A New Libertarian Constitution. He (or she) was shocked to find that there are people who hold political views outside of the Hillary Clinton to Mitt Romney spectrum.

I was told that my post was “the most ridiculous piece of intellectual masturbation I’ve ever seen” and that, unlike myself, he actually “believes in the United States of America and the Republic for which it stands.”

Isn’t it cute when people think they own the government, rather than the other way around?

After a lovely little exchange in which I was reminded that treason is not allowed under the constitution (was that a death threat?), he concluded the conversation with this:

You are crazy. And you actively are trying to destroy the US government. I am forwarding this conversation to the NH State Police and the FBI.

So with that I would like to welcome my new followers! Of course we know the NSA already trolls the internet for “anti-government activity”, now I can add the FBI and State Police as well.

So welcome! Feel free to take a look around. And please do read! If anyone needs to discover the philosophy of liberty it is people like yourself.

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