1. Daniel Krawisz takes a swing at altcoins. Vitalik Buterin comes to their defense.
  2. I have a lot of interest in alternative legal systems. This talk by David Friedman on the variety of legal systems throughout history was thoroughly fascinating.
  3. My FB friend Elizabeth Ploshay is in the finals of the Bitcoin Foundation board elections. Make sure you vote for her!
  4. I might write more about this company in the future, but I’ve been watching the progress of the Aeroscraft airship for quite some time. I’m convinced this technology will eventually displace cargo ships. The skies will be full of them.
  5. CBS news is absolutely shocked to find out that there are unregulated dinner parties taking place! This scourge must be dealt with swiftly.
  6. This is about a month old now, but here’s a video of Forbes magazine staff buying drugs online from the Silk Road.
  7. The 1932 Democratic Party Platform reads like a Libertarian Party platform.
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