How To Build An Anti-gravity Device

Electron Shell 115 Ununpentium
Ok maybe I’m being just a little bit facetious with this post. However, last week scientists at Lund University in Sweden announced that they have confirmed the existence of Element 115 currently known as Ununpentium. This is very cool news in the world of science. If my memory serves me, scientists may have made this discovery a number of years ago, but I guess now it’s “official”. Some kind of committee of physicists and chemists will now review the finding before adding it to the periodic table of elements.

Beyond the sheer coolness of the discovery, the announcement stood out to me for another reason. If any of you have ever watched any of the alien shows on the discovery channel or “science” channel, you may recall some guy named Bob Lazar. This guy claims to have worked at Area 51 (or more specifically some above top secret site near Area 51) reverse engineering UFOs. Now I should probably state that I don’t actually believe Bob Lazar, but his story does make for great science fiction nonetheless.

According to Lazar, the UFOs were powered by Element 115. Allegedly, a particular isotope of Element 115 under proton bombardment would get bumped up to Element 116. This element would then rapidly decay, releasing antiprotons in the process. The antiprotons were then used for matter-antimatter annihilation inside a reactor.

He also made an off-the-wall claim that the strong nuclear force that holds protons inside the nucleus (despite them wanting to repel each other), is really just gravity. Needless to say, there aren’t any physicists that would endorse such a claim. He also claimed that gravity waves are just like sound waves in that they can be amplified. The way the UFO traveled through the universe was by using the enormous energy produced by the antimatter reactor to amplify the gravity wave from the nucleus of an atom. Presumably, this would operate like some sort of warp drive.

All told I’d have to give Lazar an A for effort. It’s a cool story that would have made a great science fiction novel. Unfortunately, given the disconnect from reality, it’s unlikely we’ll be generating antiprotons from Element 115 anytime soon.

With that said I want to turn our attention to an idea for creating an anti-gravity drive that, at least to me, sounds like it could plausibly work. I’m pulling this idea from a youtube video that I stumbled across while browsing the internet one night. I’m not going to link to it because, alas, the kid in the video ventures off into conspiracy theory land claiming that the government already has this technology etc, but it’s still intriguing. Let me state upfront that I believe I got either B’s or C’s in my undergraduate physics classes, so if someone who actually knows something about physics is reading this and it’s totally wrong please let me know. It seems correct to me, however.

So to begin you first need understand a couple bizarre phenomena that are the byproducts of quantum mechanics. The first is superconductivity. This is a property of certain metals that when cooled below a critical temperature conduct electricity with zero resistance. How is that possible? Don’t ask me, I don’t understand it. But just watch this video to get a glimpse of this phenomenon in action:

Now if that video didn’t blow your mind consider this — a levitating superconductor can lift 70,000 times its own weight. That 3 inch disk in the video is only a few microns thick. If it’s thickness was increased to only a couple millimeters, it could levitate a small car. Now while this is certainly an incredible phenomenon and very well may have practical application in the future, it’s not going to allow for interstellar travel. So let us continue.

Like superconductivity there is another bizarre state of matter called superfluidity which is where fluids flow with zero viscosity. The following is a picture of a superfluid flowing up the side of a glass. Again, just don’t ask how it is possible.

SuperfluidNow given that a superfluid flows with zero viscosity, that means if we were to put it into some kind of centrifuge and spin it, it would not slow down due to friction. If it never slows down due to friction, in theory, that implies we should be able to accelerate a superfluid to the speed of light.

The problem is that when you put a stick in a superfluid and attempt to stir it, it doesn’t actually stir. Instead the individual atoms just spin on their axes. So we need to find some way of spinning this superfluid.

Superfluid Now there’s another type of fluid called a ferrofluid which is essentially a magnetic fluid:


If it were possible to either discover or possibly create in a cryogenics lab a superferrofluid, that is a magnetic superfluid, then you should be able to spin it using electromagnetism. You would simply wrap the centrifuge in a superconductor basically turning it into an electric motor and accelerate the superfluid to some high percentage of the speed of light. Now the big question is what happens when the fluid in the centrifuge reaches relativistic speeds? It’s an impossibility for the fluid to reach the speed of light since objects gain mass as they gain velocity. An object moving at the speed of light would imply infinite mass. However, we would expect the centrifuge to gain mass (and hence generate an increasing gravitational field) as fluid spins up to relativistic speeds.

Warp drive

Hello warp drive! Oh, and you’re welcome. 😀

75 thoughts on “How To Build An Anti-gravity Device

  1. Yes I realize that it wouldn’t actually get to the speed of light, but it would be interesting to see what would happen to the spacetime around the centrifuge at, say, 50% or 70% the speed of light.

    • betrayed scientist

      since earth has a magnetic field,then it is a magnet itself right?…for anti gravity engines to be built does not require sophisticated science but simple apparatus and deep senses.

      • The earth has indeed a magnetic field but it‘s not as strong as the gravity of out planet and the stronger you build a magnet the larger and heavier it becomes so it‘s not possible to fly away from earth with just magnets

    • I would like to build an antigravity bed. Imagine your body floating while you sleep. No need for a mattress anymore. How comfortable would that be? It would have to be the best sleep ever lol. I tell you one thing if someone did invent one it would revolutionize the sleeping industry providing it was affordable….

      • Have you ever been scuba diving. I once scuba dived near an underwater steep cliff, and this experience was a feeling as if I were floating in zero gravity space. Once you get your buoyancy at an equilibrium with the water, you just remain suspended at a fixed level. Of course one might run into trouble if he fell asleep, as it isn’t safe to remain at those pressures for more than about 30 – 45 minutes.

    • I have always argued that C is just too damn slow. Find something 100 LY away it still takes at least 100 years at full C… how are we supposed to explore the universe like that? That’s why I am particularly excited with Alcubierre’s expansion/contraction model. Forget speed – “pinch” space and move. Who knows? Maybe quantum locking is a part of this we haven’t pieced together yet.

      • You’re absolutely right, but moving at C would at east allow easy traveling of our solar system. We could then install colonies on other moons/worlds to remove the single point of failure we currently have on Earth.

  2. This is incidentally how the engine on the TR-3B is supposed to work.
    I came up with a way to do this with just conventional MgB2 and a buffer layer that acts as a transition medium between the superconductor and “normal” space so the Cooper pairs flow around the surface and the resulting antigravity field from the resultant e-e/ positron pairs extracted from the quantum vacuum pushing it into hyperspace but for it to work the entire ship would need to be covered in the hyperalloy composite with no gaps. Even a single micrometre gap would cause dangerous shearing forces and tear the ship apart at more than a fraction of C.

    • Old hairy goat says that some particular interstellar craft are made in a field/bubble of zero point gravity out in space. This allows for the craft’s ‘hyperalloy composites’ to be molded and seamless, hence no problem with micrometer gaps. Certain intelligence even fuse their alloys with sentience/consciousness, yielding a somewhat symbiotic awareness/presence within the craft. Hence why some interstellar craft are controlled purely by the telepathic capabilities of its occupants. Obviously way beyond human intelligence, when humans are still dealing with morons hoping to take over the Earth with quantum computers and playing with concurrent time/space realities. Better off just being a stinky old goat chewing grass, I’d say. Maybe humans can learn something from their stellar brothers. Oh! But of course-interstellar craft aren’t real! The author of this blog says “Bob Lazar’s story is a great science fiction!” Let me tell you author of blog- the truth of it all is stranger than science fiction. Dare to think outside conventional limitations! For you are only becoming an aberration of your own existence.

  3. Has anybody thought about projecting matter about an axle or axis camping or oblonging a pattern with the spin as the spin is occurring the pattern of throw from the axle Remains the in the direction the cam lobe is pointing possibly causing the unit being used and it’s housing being thrown in the directions the cam lobe is pointing?

  4. Gyroscopes are interesting but not antigravity. Google “Laithwate controversy”.
    On the other hand spinning liquid helium appears to affect nearby accelerometers and no-one knows why, this is the subject of continuing research by Tajmar and others.
    The earlier Russian experiments with spinning YBCO disks seem to have been a combination of Archimedes effect from the evaporating LN2 and the weak magnetic field from the axis of the disk, all superconductors do this which is why it was used in “Gravity Probe B” to track the axis of a rotating niobium/titanium sphere.

  5. I don’t believe there is anti-gravity I believe there is a way to achieve a Direction using matter off of a access or axle such as the wheel throwing out at a particular time in the course of a 360 degree turn and aiming the throw timing Lee upwards please reply anyone

  6. I attempted to make anti gravity machine once but people kept discouraging me so I canceled my project but I found myself making a huge progress so instead of negating earth’s gravity I made it to compress gravity in a certain area around laser beams witch moves at light speed after that I made it so I can control the amount of energy used once turned on the device created a black hole (a small one with 3.5 inches diametre approximatly) and by controlling the energy used to power it up I managed to make the black hole bigger or smaller or shut it down !
    Currently I am trying to make a drone that can go through the black hole and survive giving me pictures of the other side please if anyone can help me with cmd advice about the making of the drone I would appreciate it Cuz i will probably prove the existence of other dimensions and even aliens (prooooooooooooooobably)

    • Interesting, can you share the schematics please? I can’t seem to get anything to happen on my test setup, but beware there could be negative effects on biological tissues due to differential shearing forces from the varying gravity within the E-R bridge. In fact this could be very dangerous so the best bet might be to go low tech and use a vacuum tube based “drone” with minimal number of mechanical components and a sequential “Nipkow Disk” based viewer.

    • And by the way what you’re doing is really dangerous and can have adverse affects on the corporeal body- and if you happen to get too close you may ‘lose’ certain parts of your body.Hard to explain but it’s happened to ppl before. Make sure you thoroughly research this- creating any artificial worm hole or tear/slip in the time/space continuum can be risky.The locational point you have created in your room, will have an opposite ‘locational point’ at the other end of the wormhole – but who knows where that is. The opposite locational point will vary, dependable on how much energy is expended to open up the worm hole + varying degrees of gravity within the wormhole. Be careful.

      • And to make it out the other side of the wormhole or ER bridge, your little drone needs to be moving faster than light with a curve at an angle shallower that 45 degrees.

      • Maybe is the minimum velocity to escape with the flux capacitor fully powered?!
        I posted this “theory” on El Reg a while back and people seemed to support it.

  7. Old hairy goat says that some particular interstellar craft are made in a field/bubble of zero point gravity out in space. This allows for the craft’s ‘hyperalloy composites’ to be molded and seamless, hence no problem with micrometer gaps. Certain intelligence even fuse their alloys with sentience/consciousness, yielding a somewhat symbiotic awareness/presence within the craft. Hence why some interstellar craft are controlled purely by the telepathic capabilities of its occupants. Obviously way beyond human intelligence, when humans are still dealing with morons hoping to take over the Earth with quantum computers and playing with concurrent time/space realities. Better off just being a stinky old goat chewing grass, I’d say. Maybe humans can learn something from their stellar brothers. Oh! But of course-interstellar craft aren’t real! The author of this blog says “Bob Lazar’s story is a great science fiction!” Let me tell you author of blog- the truth of it all is stranger than science fiction. Dare to think outside conventional limitations! For you are only becoming an aberration of your own existence.

    • “Dare to think outside conventional limitations! For you are only becoming an aberration of your own existence.”

      -What do you mean by this?

  8. Guys check out..*SEARL EFFECT GENERATOR*..
    THIS ..SYSTEM.. is capable of creating a dense electro magnetic field that produce antigravity;-)

  9. many have the Opinions of when discovery’s was made . History world war 2 , the atomic bomb testing . watch Manhatten TV series , you find out that they found the anti gravity and gravity of the radiation and how it pushed bricks . that also opens up the many ways that people was claiming ghost , you find out the other broadcasting images and how they terrorized the public , you find out the BCI used decades ago as they tested a mouse around 1977 to see if that was what they was using to mess with the publics minds , you will find out between the military , NASA and the majestic as well as later CIA that they tested on the public with Biofeedback and that the unexplained mass suicides that they dont want to claim they caused it and get blamed for murders . they dont want you to know that between the spying and espionage agencys was doing and used such to steal design concepts and designs that automakers are still building from the stolen designs . that there was so many off shot sneaked projects in connection to bluebird and look at the linked or the projects that was done during MKUltra and how they seperated in connection so they didnt get shut down still trying to do things with many experimenting illegal on the innocent public . But they also dont want to tell you the Murders and how they altered people bodys and caused body damage and did hits killing people with the equipment or that they even drove people crazy hearing thing and many across the united states still being terrorized and harrased by such equipment . you can read up on the real facts that 4 countrys was doing the experiments on the UFO flying disk type ships during world war 2 . still that they did alter the humans that flew some , all for the purpose to hide who they worked for ( that also of the body altering on children and people was listed in the experiments done by the NAZI and the german agencys and military before , during and after the war , still they hid in many countrys doing the experiments and holding the people doing them on innocent people ) . the gravity and anti gravity become a major issue back in and before 2009 , the reasons of the gravity and anti gravitys was talked about was because of the concepts of a type of gravity and anti gravity to be used in a few forms in space , for the long term space exploring and mining , to be used to devirt meteors and much bigger objects from hitting earth . But it was thru other types of things to use them . the concepts and designs for such use was decades old and what to use them thru and how that it again opened up the fields of the tranposrter systems to move people around in a flash . But again that still people has been way behind and yet that they try to claim they done something and they still only copy of what others have done and trying to figure out what others has discovered and learned decades ago . Please take a breath and check History’s , they hide or try to place things in historys that was not there before , they want to claim the work of others . really the stealth plane and ships designs was even stolen and or espionage , that was back during the 1970’s and up to and after 1977 when the FBI sued the CIA for spying in the united states and was commiting the crimes of the stealing and espionage and other crimes . they was not doing it for the cold war they was wrecking the americans people lifes and futures of them becoming someone and helping the world move forward at faster then time itself would have taken them . Remember that Movie companys in those big vaults for films , also held the films of experiments the government did , they hired the movie companys to film the experiments and had contracts to later make movies of them , so that the facts is that they still make storys from government agencys reports and spying and much more , so it is peoples lifes they making movies of and what others thought up . Yet they make everyone pay to watch them and will charge you for watching them . so now it is easy to find it all out and where it all is . Watch the TV series First Wave , look up everything they say of government experiments , they talk of the real experiments used on the innocent people and can be looked up . there is other TV series and movies that was based on real Government experiments that was done by military , government agencys and departments that is exposed . you can find many other them , Start with First Wave it will open your eyes up on what was happening , then watch the faces of death and cross the time lines with the experiments and you will find the leading evidence of the hits to kill people and mass murders and how they did it and what they used to do it and what they tried to hide they did and still do as they put the Equipment on the streets that was used in the gulf war the broadcasting equipment , you will find that there was military that was started to do things and use things to distract or do things to the other militarys to make them loose with electronics and even movies stuff . see so much to learn to know the truth . But good hunting and you will be happy to know the truth and know what going on and be able to complain with facts and evidence of how the publics been abused and used . Live Long And Proper (LLAP )

  10. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer for Lockheed Martin. Love all the optimism on the zero gravity space drive one of my many projects many years away from even field test. There is a new form of space travel that the head electrical and sound/wave engineers in the partial physics dept are currently developing a new form of space travel l, not a warp drive or wormhole a actually to date possible advancement with out current state of technological advancements. The rhetorical pulse ion drive is real… Not in application yet but can,obtain plausible light speed utilizing new forms of lasers and specialized sound waves colliding to create a inexponetional capability of speed. It will,just keep going faster and faster till it reaches the speed of the nearly developed ion,laser drive. Currently our most advanced space shuttle travels at 84,500mph relatively based on earth velocity. The concept behind this new drive are awsome.,utilizes solar sales and laser and sound burst along with zero gravity creating a inexpotential capabilities of speed. Only issue is chatting a craft that can see obsticales in warp Kanye utilizing a laser sonar system that moves after than,light to bring space telemetry to the on board computer. So much in the works that’s so amazing. We have oficially created a laser that on a us navy vessel with the capabilities of taking out any target with less that a dollar in,cost and can,eliminate any target immediately. Videos on,youtube. Same laser tech is being used by us to give u a idea in the future or real warp technonlogy. Even if we can,travel fast as light we would,need to slow down to brig of up toward and,future space telemetry and,i don’t even think there is a supercomputer in the world that could,compile all that Dada in real time. Looking toward to,working on the future. Keep up the high hopes. All will be revealed eventually trust me we wouldn’t build these things if we didn’t plan to use rhem. Feel free to,pm me with any questions. Space travel is on,aof my obsessions and one of my big side projects is my zero gravity generator that can,control the electromagnetic field,utilizing man-made elements I can’t list. When,completed,will,give allow for up,to light travel without affecting the human,anatomy of anyone,on board u would,be protected from,the ion,pulse drives effects. I don’t know about y’all but I’m so excited to see the future. Hope everyone gets to see the new projects and developments upcoming in the gov tech community. Keep up the dreams, aspirations and all will be revealed. Hopefully.

    Your humble: aerospace/mechanical engineer
    P.S ask away if any questions,pertaining to the subject.

  11. A theory is like an noodle strainer it has shape and substance but it has a bunch of holes in it and therefore it’s not a valid nor solid construct so the thought in the belief that at the speed of light something would have infinite Mass is completely wrong as it’s just a theory that doesn’t have any verification which doesn’t mean it’s true.

  12. My name is Tracy I’m in jasper. Georgia could you sand me one them I’m 60 years old and I always been interested in antigravity please I don’t have any money to gave you if you Tracy southerland 85twan oaks c.t Jasper.Georgia 30143 thanks you I understand if you can not

  13. i have one thing to give you as an idea. Ever play with a gyroscope? Spin it up and tilt it from sided to side and notice the force it applies to you hand. Since your into physics, what would happen if you took 2 opposite rotating gyroscopes in the vertical position and 2 opposite rotating gyroscopes horizontally mounted together? And, they need to be made out of magnets.

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  15. Have been reading every thing I can on using magnetic fields around an object.Woulf really like to know how a vehicle with a strong magnetic field would react in space.Possibly to move the vehicle and what secondary effect it would have to the inside of vehicle.

  16. Hey ,your observations are cool.A great scientist said that if he had a engine than can run with the speed of light then he can made a time machine…But when you turns the pages of history the you will find that all the great scientist who tried to play with nature got died early…that is my observation..When I read your bock that time I also wanna to make a antigravity field creator …Now I am working on it…Suppose how cool it will be when a car will fly in air with using one fourth of only have get a jerk to change its direction…think about it…and best of luck for your discovery…..if you need. A help you can reply me

  17. The problem with the ferrofluid is the enormous amounts of centripetal force involved with the structural stability of the material it’s constructed of… So far.

    I’m planning on solving gravity. I believe Einstein was just about to get it done and got stuck, because he’s absolutely correct if I succeed in my testing with my device. Whenever I can afford construction that is… Space is actually a very real fabric in every sense of the word. Constructed of strings and everything. Not nothing, as many in science explain it, or more horrible farfetched mathematical puzzles. We are pushed back as we displace it’s fibers with our atoms. Mass is the push between them. Therefore the faster you move, the harder you push, the more mass you have. Space has mass. Electromagnetism has mass when it’s movement can potentially push another object via its magnetic field. The definitions are wrong!

    Distorting space around you will create gravity. I believe I know how. And many other things like wormholes are possible if I can provide proof. Help is appreciated!

  18. Actually in space we would need to build a gravity device(drive) there being 0 gravity in space introducing gravity would be like a magnet ( if this makes sense to you?) So then you could match gravity resolution at any giving point and wala speed would be no object. There are so many variables to space travel. Slowing the machine down would then need reverse gravity propulsion system. A very inact guidance system etc….

    • Pretty much what Bob Lazar described. A thought- so many people have been at this anti-gravity thing for so long, yet no one has come up with a tangible unit. From Tesla to Searl, Von Braun, TT Brown, and others, we have had so many different approaches and near misses.Where is the holy grail? Is it a combination of the tried and tested theories or are we looking in the wrong direction? Statements from two different men come to mind. The first was my father who so famously said, “Every bullshit story has an element of truth.” The second was the great seer, Edgar Cayce, who said in one of his predictions,”…the Georgia Aircraft industry will flourish when a small, low cost aircraft is built, powered by an anti-gravity engine.” When I did a stint working at SpaceX, I had a weird experience walking through the main building amongst the multitudes of rocket fuselages and engines being built. A thought entered my head at random and from nowhere-“what a waste of material and effort when we only need to come up with an anti-gravity device. We could go to Mars in little over 3 minutes.” I was later laid off from SpaceX and returned to Georgia…

  19. Oh and messing with gravity devices could very well disrupt earths gravity field to a point of destruction. So unless we could counteract each aspect we bring into creation the latter effects could end mankind

  20. People who think bob lazar was a phony need to think out of the box. Universities today are producing PhD who just follow the existing theories and refuse to stand back and admit their dont’t Have a idea how things work in the universe.

  21. I have been studying Anti-Gravity, Anti-Magntic Propulsion system since 1976. I seen my first U.F.O. in 1959. The next 1971 Vetnam with witnesses. 1972-1976 several sightings, With witnesses. Got close as 40 feet from one. (NM) In the UK 1979 150 feet overhead , traveling south let than 40 mph. Showed up on radar and several eye witnesses. When they operate at low power, they want to be seen. Radar will bounce back to receiver or transmitter. On this Ship I could see the outline of the ATG field and the reaction against our atmosphere and gravity.
    I have looked at other people designs, at least they were thinking in the right direction. But they want work. Their are sever

    al steps to producing this field, 1 magnetism, 2 Unified, 3-4-5-6-7. This type of knowledge must be protected. I will say this the field produce ,gravity waves must travel around it. That would be a good start.


  23. I had to take a break from playing with kittens to write your article. A big thanks for your article! If your articles are always this useful, I’ll be back soon. I truly love this work a bunch! Will you be writing any more articles on this subject? Because I’d sure love to learn more about this. This stuff is awesome!

  24. This is a very efficiently presented page. Any additional recommendations you’re willing to share with me? I really appreciate this write up. Funny thing I thought I was a pro before reading your website but it turns out I am a dum dum. This will definitely be very useful for me when I get a chance to start my own blog.

  25. Why discredit bob lazar like that? Is it because what he is telling is impossible to recreate with the knowledge we (publicly) have available? I mean if it is something that is true wouldn’t it be very confidential and top secret?

    Every scientist always has to disprove things because they didn’t learn that or in their world it is impossible? It’s a bit sad though IF (I’m sceptical as well) if his story is true and everyone disbelieves him..

  26. You,re absolutely right but moving at c would atleast allow easy invention of time travell machine.Thanks to the physics laws which help to solve the wormhole system that is affected by negative energy.The answer of this is to play with anti-gravity which will bring installation of colonies in the past,future and even the entire urniverse.

  27. The 1992 experiment of the scientist Eugen Podkletnov, a very complex device with superconductors, using a high-speed device in liquid nitrogen and ultra-powerful magnetic field, claiming a weight reduction of 2%. Unfortunately, the experiment could not be reproduced.
    I made an classic electric motor and a drive system to rotate the weights of the device at a certain angle and a certain speed so the weights “float,” a powerful centrifugal force is generated, which virtually cancels the gravitational force of the trained masses.
    The MAGIC engine is a device that by rotating a mass at a certain angle and a certain speed cancels 86% of the weight of the masses. This method was applied to the design, experimentation and realization of the centrifugal inertial antigravitational engine.

  28. I have no education and I can see this and visualize it easily what’s wrong with this world where is it going why hasn’t this been done already so simple

  29. 1st escaping this solar would not be possible, space navigation is not up to the task at this time.
    2nd space density out side our solar is different.
    3rd Earth 2 is closer than you have been told light year equations are all wrong because they assume space destiny is constant. Wrong
    4th power source need for travel is not profitable in our markets, nonsyntripical artificial gravity and oxygen production and pressure regulation is need

    We are not there yet

  30. I agree to your point . And there is a great possibility of anti gravity technology to be used in UFO’s , and it would be really easy if we consider gravitational force to the respect of proton -proton repulsion and if we take in contradiction the anti-proton then it would just reverse various rules even with the regards of gravitational force orthodox principle’s and could give rise to anti gravitation and various other things related to this very subject .
    It would be more easy if we just reconsider the concept of gravitation laid down by Sir Isaac Newton , because according to me its full of flaws and faults .
    According to me the very appropriate way to understand gravitation would be ,the way through graphs of time wrap , and a quiet great full help we could take from the very nuclear models of atoms and the great forces that are namely centripetal and centrifugal forces .
    We have a orthodox thinking of gravitational force to be the weakest , but I think that’s its totally false as its the force which binds various planets in there orbits , the moon with earth, the latter with sun and the Sun with this solar system and the Our solar system with various others and so on the chain continues till whole observable universe.
    There are various other facts too which I could lay down but they are only true and little bit confidential as they are related to my research papers , thus I would just pen down for the note now.

  31. If anyone cares this substrate would produce a magnetic field and disrupt the gravity forces, thereby at the very least counter it partially. it does not negate the gravity but disrupts it. I am not an engineer, but I do know that at this state the laws of motion are not negated just partially countered and reduced the effects of gravity, whereby in those conditions (super ferrofluid under Extream pressure and orders of magnitude colder rpm could be as low as 50-60,000 rpms. if in a toroidal laminar flow.

    Conclusion Under The right conditions (ie Temperature, pressure, and speed of flowing fluid) a type of plasma is created or Dynamo. Fluidal physics 101.

    As I have stated I am not an engineer, just know something of this field.

  32. anti-gravity consist of plasma conduction from laser beam light house hold lights into crystals into objects that light data program in suspended animation

  33. Thanks I actually want to build a anti gravity device but lake info, resources and knowledge so if u can help me in any way that will be a great help

    • What most fall to understand is antigravity, antimatter, and the reaction required to produce said gravity defying devices is due to actions and reactions using elements yet to be released by dark government agencies. Alien tech has been reversed engineered allowing our basic knowledge of physics, science, reality, and ability to trace step by step advancement. Everyone in this thread is looking at the next step based on current knowledge. Sorry folks, you’re still working on developing faster steam engines while the dark gov is fine tuning a plan to mimic a alien invasion and unit the world. They already have what you originally searched for. The best way to cover the truth is in plan site; while paying/threatening the science leaders of the world to dispute any potential evidence continuing to blind us from reality.

  34. So super gravity in the front due to superfluids spinning near light speed and anti gravity in the back due to the annihilation of matter and antimatter in a reactor? Does that actually produce antigravity or negative gravity? If the spinning gives the super fluid mass and in turn generates gravity, what is done to produce an anti or negative gravity field? Or I guess gravity is negative so a positive gravity field? I was thinking you’d want to produce a black hole in the front for gravity and link it to it’s white hole counter part in the back and sustain a wormhole around the craft. The black hole should feed the reaction travelling through space at near light speed collecting hydrogen and the white hole should function as the propellant rocketing behind the ship. The energy is transmitted “wirelessly” or quantum teleported or some other dark-matter-esque word from the black hole to the white hole.

  35. My father once told me, “In every line of bullshit there lies an element of truth.” I have combed through numerous accounts in dozens of books, read the transcripts of every other Bob Lazar interview, and have come to the conclusion that my father was right. People don’t invest effort in anything for zero return. What were Lazar’s motives for exposing himself to such scrutiny and ridicule? Maybe he did have an experience but is not going to serve the mindless minions the whole pizza, keeping the slices with the most pepperoni for himself.

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